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United Minds is a consultancy dedicated to helping organizations transform by engaging the people who make it all possible — their employees.

Making business more human is an enduring purpose we work toward each day; alongside a warm, intelligent team of business strategists, writers, organizational psychologists, photographers, actors and teachers. It’s what gives our tight-knit, global team real, meaningful, human connection — and enables us to solve our clients’ most critical business challenges. 

Our team has advised some of the world’s largest businesses, bringing a wealth of experience to all clients, but approaching each as a novel situation. If your leadership and staff aren’t aligned, and your employees aren’t fully on board with the company's direction and ethos, business performance will suffer. We get to the heart of people to help build and solidify the foundation of all organizations.

And while we work with companies from all industries, we have a passion for healthcare and the employees who strive to make the world a healthier place. With healthcare clients accounting for a sizable portion of our business, we’ve worked deeply across the sector. From pharma and biotech to healthcare systems, managed care and medical equipment, we know the industry and what moves the hearts and minds of your employees.